Possible faults and solutions for outdoor LCD screen advertisements

As a kind of media to promote electronic equipment, outdoor LCD advertising display will inevitably have some problems when used in relatively harsh environments for a long time.

1.The outdoor LCD advertising displayhas no signal

When the power is turned on, words such as no signal appear on the screen, which is called no signal. Troubleshooting method: Check whether the internal video cable and the 5V power line of the input decoder board are loose. If there is no such phenomenon, replace the decoder board or driver board, and check whether the fault disappears after replacement.

2.Outdoor LCD advertising displaywithout power supply – black screen

It may be caused by bad built-in power supply or bad driver board; Troubleshooting method: Check whether the power output is normal. If there is no power output, it can be confirmed that the power is not good. If the power output is normal, the driver board may be broken. When the LCD advertising display is running, the screen is black. Check whether the air conditioner of the outdoor LCD advertising display is working and whether the internal temperature is too high. If the air conditioner is not cooling, replace the air conditioner.

3.The outdoor LCD advertising displayhas a blurry screen

A certain area on the LCD screen of the outdoor optical display does not display or displays abnormally, which is called a blurred screen; troubleshooting method: Check whether the signal transmission line inserted on the LCD screen is loose, resulting in poor contact. If this happens, plug the signal cable tightly and check if the problem is solved; if not, the LCD screen may be defective.

4.Dark screen of outdoor LCD advertising display – no display on the screen, flickering screen

When the advertisement is played, the LCD screen is always in a black screen, dark screen, splash screen, etc., which is called a dark screen. Troubleshooting method: Check whether the power output is normal. If the output voltage of the power supply is unstable and does not reach 11V-12V, it can be confirmed that the power supply is faulty. If the power output is abnormal, you need to replace the driver board and inverter one by one until the fault is eliminated.