Help Merchant to Attract and Maintain New Visitors

With large customer flow and diversified commodities in the shopping mall, Kontech commercial displays can provide the accurate information that required by customers, so as to shorten the customer flow rate, and greatly save the customers’ shopping time, the digital display in Shopping Mall also help merchant to attract and maintain new visitors. High resolution and brightness of Kontech display meets long lifetime, high reliability to display 24/7. Let’s explore more …

Application Scenario

shopping mall lcd display


Place floor standing display in the hall, multi-touch experience make customers easily used for information query, self-guided tour etc. Ads play and content manage remotely.  Unique tempered glass protection design to avoid accidental collision damage.


Interactive touch kiosk gives customers a way finding direction, showing the weather, food and tour attractions. PCAP/Infrared touch optional for different project budget.

Rest area

Use LCD video wall to splice different size of screens for movies and advertising content display. Samsung/LG/BOE LCM equipped video wall are right here for your projects.


Wall-mounted display/window display play video for new arrivals, hot product information in the store, creates an exciting shopping experience for customers.

Rain and fog energized dehumidification

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