Best Tablets Provide for Treadmills and Bikes!

An interactive tablet could help users to focus on body changes in their exercises during a tedious running and it is the only way for treadmill/bike manufacturers to upgrade their products and provide added value to users. Such a tablet not only requires to have latest Android and Bluetooth version, but also needs to be adaptive to various APPs of the treadmill/bike manufacturer. While hardware of tablet should be installed on and powered by treadmill/bike as easy as possible. Both hardware and software are well considered by Kontech, so that the tablet can be used for your treadmill/bike. Let’s talk for the best solution.

Application Scenario

Gymnasium-Exercise Bike

Android 10.1 Operation System makes the tablet able to connect through Wifi.

DC 12V power input can be easily powered by bike.


Use big size screen to replace traditional treadmills console. Optional at 19 inch, 22 inch, 24inch and 32 inch.

Kontech supports customized housing molds for your treadmill console, so as to get integrated design.

fitness mirror display

Home-Fitness mirror

Vesa wall-mounted and floor standing design for options, screen sizes available at 22 inch, 24inch, 32 inch and 43 inch. Dual camera design makes imaging more realistic.

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