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Transportation Digital Displays is the most common digital technology being utilized in the transportation industry such as airports, train and bus stations etc. It must guarantee a reliable operation in all environmental conditions, like bright and rugged, and offering long-term operation and simplified maintenance. Kontech digital displays are ideal products for these special industries.

Application Scenario

Metro station Digital Signage Display

Indoor Station(digital signage)

Kontech outdoor wall mount display supports to post the real-time information to passengers, and we support R&D for software & hardware for your different projects. The commercial grade design makes Kontech display canwithstand high/low temperatures, dirt & vibration.

Rest areas(floor standing display)

Kontech floor standing design helps to drive ticket sales or revenue by advertising special services etc. All components are commercial level design at 7/24 operation under low maintenance.

transportation digital displays

Public areas (Way finding kiosk)

Providing a clear map or location information with Kontech kiosk helps to gain trust from passengers. Customized housing design is supported for different projects.

WHY Choose Kontech Digital signage for transportation?

Kontech displays support to post the real-time information to passengers, and we do R&D for software & hardware

Kontech Provides a reliable and trusted solution with 24/7 operation and extra durability.

Where the transport and Digital Signage requires Touch Screen to facilitate, only the best commercial display grade Touch Screen that use either PCAP or Infrared would be suitable in such environments

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