29 Inch High Brightness Milk Tea Shop Desktop Digital Menu Board

Kontech’s high brightness desktop Digital Menu Board is a product designed for store ordering scenarios and is now widely used in the tea industry, such as milk tea shops of different brands. By conveying information about store owners’ products, popular products, seasonal updates, and marketing activities, we provide customers with decision-making suggestions and better assist users in ordering products.

Compared to traditional sizes, the 29 inch large screen has a wider display area and can display more content, making menus, desk cards, and other information clear at a glance, providing customers with a more convenient ordering and shopping experience. By customizing the logo, it also strengthens the promotion of one’s own brand image

Functional characteristics

  1. 2K resolution
  2. BOE screen
  3. Ultra-light ultra-thin
  4. 7*24 hours uninterrupted broadcast

Why not choose cheaper traditional desktop billboards when facing more expensive desktop digital menu boards?

Due to the influence of time and many other factors, traditional menu boards are prone to wear and tear after long-term use, resulting in unclear visibility for customers; In environments with strong lighting, desktop signage tends to reflect light, and the user experience of ordering will also decrease.

Traditional menus and desk cards often require a lot of desktop space and appear cluttered. The compact design of the 29 inch desktop all-in-one machine makes the desktop cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing.

When there are new diversion activities or explosive product launches in the store, it is necessary to frequently change the menu layout. Traditional desktop cards are frequently replaced, which is not environmentally friendly and expensive.

Desktop Digital Menu Board Key Features

Desktop Digital Menu Board Key Features

1.2k  High Brightness

29 Inch Desktop Digital Menu Board brightness positioning at 700cd/m ², High contrast ratio of 1200:1, always maintaining bright colors, fearless of strong light influence, making customer orders faster.

2.Fashionable and aesthetically pleasing

Kontech’s highlighted desktop menu screen features a stylish milky white color scheme, portable design that saves space, and allows for paperless operation throughout the store, reducing material loss

3.Easy Operation

The highlighted desktop menu screen can rotate multiple SKU menus, dynamically displaying products in the store, making the menu bar more vivid and interesting; Not as rigid as traditional PVC and KT boards.

Desktop Digital Menu Board Application Scenario

Android POE Tablet PC for meeting room
Android POE Tablet PC for meeting room

Multi store management

If you have multiple milk tea store chains, operation and maintenance management is also a key focus for efficient profitability. Traditional desktop cards cannot link multiple stores, and manual operation can easily lead to errors. The Kontech highlighted 2K desktop screen can be published and managed remotely through the store signage information publishing system, supporting multiple stores to synchronize shipment, making information publishing faster and safer. To avoid errors caused by manual operations causing losses to the store.
Android POE Tablet PC for Smart Hotel
Android POE Tablet PC for meeting room

Multiple ways to connect

It can be connected through various methods such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and network cables to achieve more flexible and diverse display and management. For example, a desktop digital menu board device can be connected to a cloud platform through WiFi connection to achieve remote control and real-time updates; Desktop digital menu board devices can be connected to mobile phones, tablets, and other devices through Bluetooth connection, achieving rapid content transmission and updates; You can connect the desktop digital menu board device to the computer through a network cable to achieve localized management and operation.


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    29“ Desktop Menu Board Spec Sheet

    Panel type TFT LCD
    Screen Size 29”
    Active Area 672.8(H)x283.8(V)mm
    Diagonal Aspect Ratio 21:9(H:V)
    Physical Resolution 2560*1080
    Viewing Angle 178°/178°
    Frame Rate 60Hz
    Backlight type ELED
    Response time <14ms
    Contrast 1000:1
    Brightness 700cd/m2
    Life Time (Light Sources) 50,000 Hrs
    CPU RK3288 Cortex -A17
    GPU ARM Mali-T764
    RAM 2GB
    ROM 8GB
    Operating system Android
    Wi-Fi 2.4G
    Wired network Ethernet, 100/1000Mbps
    Input 2xUSB, RJ45, TF CARD, SIM, earphone
    Color Glossy white
    Material Metal plate
    Dimension 686.2×307.6×33.8mm (HxVxD)
    Bezel 1mm
    Net Weight 6.5kg
    Installation Desktop
    Accessories Adapter, Remote control , Wifi antenna, Screws, Screwdriver
    Power Input DC 12V
    Max power consumption <45W
    Standby power consumption <1W
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