IP65 IP68 Customizable outdoor high brightness LCD display

The outdoor high-brightness LCD display is a professional display device specially designed for outdoor environments. It has the characteristics of high brightness, sun protection, waterproof and dust proof, and durability, to ensure high readability in bright sunlight and provide high-definition, vivid advertising content in harsh weather conditions. Kontech outdoor high brightness LCD display can save 7*24 hours of long-term online work without failure, very suitable for Outdoor Digital Signage, Billboard Displays and Interactive Outdoor Displays.

Our outdoor LCD displays are available in a variety of sizes from 32″ to 65″ wall mounted version, larger sizes can be customized upon request.

  • Ultra high brightness design up to 35000 nits
  • Equipped with industrial grade LCD screen which resist supper high temperature
  • An optimum level of endurance equivalent to IK10 and extra durability with IP65-IP68 Customizable Ingress Protection
  • Every picture is more immersive with high brightness LCD screen and a 16.7M colors
  • Optional at Android/Windows/Linux system

IP65-IP68 Waterproof and dustproof

It adopts a sealed structure and waterproof coating to effectively prevent rain, dust and moisture from eroding and damaging the inside of the display. Kontech outdoor LCD display can perfectly adapt to harsh weather in outdoor environments.

Dust, humidity, rain, external damage etc. are the main factors that affect the service life of Outdoor Digital Signage Displays. Kontech’s outdoor lcd display protects your product with a high level of IP68 dust/water protection.

IP65 waterproof Outdoor Wall Mount Digital Signage Displays


Sunlight readable IP65 outdoor bright LCD display

Our outdoor LCD display has very high brightness, which can reach 3500nits. It is specially designed to cope with strong sunlight and high brightness requirements in outdoor environments, and can be clearly seen in bright outdoor environments.

Efficient heat dissipation and automatic brightness adjust

Automatically adjust the brightness according to the change of ambient light to keep it visible at all times under low light. Of course, a high-efficiency cooling system is also very important. Kontech outdoor high-brightness LCD display adopts self-developed intelligent fan cooling system, which can operate 7*24 It runs stably in the best condition during work.

AG or AR Protection Glass Optional

AR glass is antireflective glass, and AG glass is anti glare glass. As the name implies, AR glass can not only increase the light transmittance, but also reduce the reflectivity. The reflectivity of AG glass is approach 0, which cannot increase the light transmittance. Therefore, in terms of optical parameters, AR glass has more functions to increase light transmittance than AG glass. In terms of optical principle, AR glass is a film that can increase the transmissivity and reduce the reflectivity by adding a layer on the glass surface; AG glass turns reflected light into diffuse reflection. In terms of appearance, AR glass is smooth and transparent, and AG glass is glass with a little frosting effect.

In outdoors, advertising displays are always faced with human and environmental uncertainties, so it is very important to use strong shell materials and anti-strike structural design. Kontech outdoor high brightness LCD displays can withstand vibration, shock and temperature changes in outdoor environments , with high-strength anti-seismic, wind-resistant, and durable features against lightning strikes, it can ensure long-term stable operation.

Multiple Media Interfaces

Multi-Installation Way

Floor stand / wall mounted / suspended
A variety of installation methods, support custom use


The aluminum housing design makes heat dissipation performance of the product better than that of a metal shell design, and makes the product lighter and easier to install.


The display can be wall-mounted or work with a stand to meet the needs of users in various application scenarios.


This borderless product design can be used as a window advertising screen or as a digital menu board, which can be widely used in airports, restaurants, retail stores and other places.


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