Intelligent traffic Digital Signage Display customization solutionIntelligent traffic Digital Signage DisplayIntelligent traffic Digital Signage Display customization solution will better serve the construction of smart cities

Intelligent Traffic Digital Signage Display Customization Solution

The Intelligent traffic Digital Signage Display customization solution is a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of urban traffic. It installs high-definition, high-brightness Digital Signage( LCD or LED )displays at traffic intersections, bus stops, subway stations and other important traffic nodes to display city traffic information in real time, helping citizens and managers to obtain traffic trends more conveniently and efficiently.

Intelligent traffic Digital Signage Display bring unprecedented traffic experience to modern cities.

airport Digital Signage Display Customization Solution

Intelligent Display, More Secure

Transportation Digital Displays is the most common digital technology being utilized in the transportation industry such as airports, train and bus stations etc. It must guarantee a reliable operation in all environmental conditions, like bright and rugged, and offering long-term operation and simplified maintenance. Kontech digital displays are ideal products for these special industries.

Bus Station/Airport

Set up Intelligent traffic Digital Signage Display screens at bus stops/airport, which can display information such as arrival time and frequency in real time, so that passengers can understand the operation and improve the level of service.

Metro station

The Intelligent traffic Digital Signage Display in subway stations can display train running status, transfer information, etc., making travel more convenient for passengers. At the same time, emergency information can also be released to improve emergency response capabilities.

Metro station Digital Signage Display
transportation digital displays

Public areas

Providing a clear map or location information with Kontech kiosk helps to gain trust from passengers. Customized housing design is supported for different projects.

The Future of Smart Transportation Digital Signage Displays

With the development of new technologies such as 5G and AI, the customized solution of Intelligent traffic Digital Signage Display will usher in a broader development space. For example, through artificial intelligence technology, the intelligent analysis and prediction functions of traffic display can be realized, and traffic congestion can be warned in advance; through 5G technology, ultra-high-speed transmission and real-time update functions of traffic display can be realized to improve the efficiency of information dissemination.

Triple Curved Gaming and Casino Monitor

Intelligent traffic Digital Signage Display Key Benefits

Real-time transmission of traffic information

The Intelligent traffic Digital Signage Display can display traffic conditions, road conditions, weather, bus lines and other information in real time, providing citizens with the latest and most comprehensive traffic information. This can not only help citizens plan travel routes and reduce congestion, but also help improve the efficiency of city road traffic.

Customized solutions

For different regions and different requirement, we provide tailor-made traffic display solutions. From display size, resolution, brightness to installation location, etc., we will professionally customize according to the actual request of customers to ensure the practicability and efficiency of the solution.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Using energy-saving LED display technology, the Intelligent traffic Digital Signage Display has the characteristics of low power consumption, high brightness, and long life, which not only saves energy, but also reduces operation and maintenance costs, and conforms to the concept of green environmental protection. Or use an LCD display screen that is more economical and performs better in terms of power consumption and maintenance costs.

Intelligent management

The Intelligent traffic Digital Signage Display can be seamlessly connected with the urban traffic management system to realize remote monitoring, automatic alarm and other functions. When traffic conditions change, the display screen can update information in real time to provide citizens with accurate traffic guidance.

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WHY Choose Kontech Digital Signage Display For Transportation?

Kontech displays support to post the real-time information to passengers, and we do R&D for software & hardware

Kontech Provides a reliable and trusted solution with 24/7 operation and extra durability.

Where the transport and Digital Signage requires Touch Screen to facilitate, only the best commercial display grade Touch Screen that use either PCAP or Infrared would be suitable in such environments

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