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Why Kontech

KONTECH provides excellent ODM and OEM services for commercial LCD Display&Monitor products according to customer needs or related projects. With 14 years of OEM/ODM experience, we have a complete set of one-stop customized solution process and first-class service to ensure your project needs are carried out quickly and flexibly.

One-stop Service

14+ Years Experience

180+ Partners

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  • Founded in 2009, all products have obtained CCC, CE, FCC, ROHS, UL certification, and have carried out in-depth OEM and ODM cooperation with more than 50 companies.
  • KONTECH has a modern equipment factory with an area of over 15,000 square meters. Huizhou Intelligent Display Manufacturing Factory is the manufacture base of KONTECH, responsible for the production of a full range of professional LCD products and OEM/ODM services for KONTECH.KONTECH’s OEM and ODM products include commercial LCD monitors, industrial LCD monitors, medical LCD monitors, LCD advertising machines, touch LCD monitors, etc. Widely used in different industries in advertising media, finance, transportation, hotels and other fields. Commercial LCD display& monitor can be customized in terms of product functions, including operating system, silk screen LOGO, high-definition camera, high brightness, fingerprint, anti-glare glass, NFC/RFID, 4G wireless network, appearance customization, etc.
Triple Curved Gaming and Casino Monitor
Triple Curved Gaming and Casino Monitor
  •  In the process of implementing many customizations of customers, a customized service team with over 40 people with excellent design and development capabilities has been established, which can quickly transform customers’ views and needs into feasible solutions. Our teams can simplify the development process and increase the confidence in controlling products, so customers can spend less time implementing ideal products and projects, and gain market advantages with higher overall efficiency increments.
  • KONTECH pays attention to technology research and development and product quality, has a complete quality management system, and has a variety of high-precision measuring equipment, which can provide reliable guarantee for OEM/ODM product quality.
  •  KONTECH provides economical and reliable commercial LCD display&monitor solutions. Our products come with a 12-month warranty and provide lifetime maintenance service and 24/7 technical support.

Customized Project Case

Triple curve display is customized for Slot machine in Mexico/Brazil

Kontech triple curved display is specially customized for the cabinet of the customer’s slot machine. The outstanding product structure design perfectly matches the model, making the installation more convenient and the use smoother. Rigorous product debugging ensures that every fixed hole has been repeatedly tested, and every gap is perfectly fitted.

The design effect of the curved surface restores the real look around the viewing scene of the human eye, which satisfies the comfort of game users watching the large screen. The unique LED magic light design is perfectly adapted to the cabinet system, and the lighting color changes according to the game program transformation rules; reasonable cost control to ensure product quality While create maximum value for customers.

kontech display customization

Custom Process

Requirements Discussion

Our dedicated engineering team has extensive experience in creating custom displays &monitors based on the project’s application. The project manager will join in to discuss project requirements and provide constructive input throughout.

Decision-making for Solution

More than 20 senior engineers with rich customization experience will work together to provide you professional advice with a full range of applications, products, structures, parameters ,cost and final applications. So that your ideas can be perfectly implemented.

Design for Solution

Once the solution is determined, our product team will provide the best service that other manufacturers cannot provide with the most suitable application, lowest cost and highest quality product based on your basic conception of the product.

Sample Confirmation

After confirming the product drawings, we will prepare sample accordingly . At the same time, we will provide you necessary debugging code, FAE remote or on-site debugging if required.

Small batch production

In order to guarantee product quality, we will carry out the small batch production order process to ensure sample consistency with mass-produced products.

Mass Production

After improving the product design and manufacture process through small-batch production, the product can be mass-produced and the process control of mass production is applied to 100% test and secure product quality.

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