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When providing information display and inquiry solutions for hospitals and pharmacies, it requires different hardware and software products according to the diversity and particularity of their application scenarios. This is most important for solution providers. At the same time, the reliability and durability of the product are required to be higher than the general standard. Having a trusted manufacturer with full support throughout the process is critical.

Extensive manufacturing capabilities and decades of expertise have made Kontech as one of the most trusted commercial display manufacturers in the industry. We offer digital LCD display screen solution for a wide range of applications include waiting areas, Enhance & lobby, way finding, Pharmacy etc.

Application Scenario

healthcare display screen

Waiting Areas

More than just advertising screens!

When waiting to be treated, patients and visitors are shared with important life-saving and hospital information, improving engagement and reducing perceived waiting times by capturing their attentions. Kontech wall mount and floor standing display are the right products for it, which are protected by enhanced glass in public area, making it safe even if violent accidents happen.

Entrance & Lobby

More and more LCD displays and video walls are engaging visitors with adaptable, dynamic content when they first entering into the hospital. It is an important chance to show them the information about facility, doctor profiles, etc.

Way Finding

With kontech’s interactive display which is optional at Android/PC base system, can easily help visitors to navigate the hospital. With smart searching and detection, visitors can find a destination and route based on their needs. Customers who prefer to use local software are fully supported by our expert team.


Pharmacy Display allows you to share important, life-saving information with very little time on your part, increasing awareness of services and testing available in the community. Sometimes you have to display through window and facing street to attract the attentions, Kontech high brightness window display is practice to be the best option for your solution.

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