Smart 12V RV TV with DVD Player Support Customization OEM/ODM

KONTECH has been engaged in the research and development and production of special TVs for more than 15 years. It is a professional 12V  RV TV / Caravan TVs  Boat tv manufacturer. Since countries have different requirements for RV TVs, our RV TVs have different country versions, which fully meet the RV standards of various countries and OEM ODM support

15 Years RV TV Manufacturer

Since its establishment in 2009,KONTECH  has been dedicated to the research and production of RV TVs, accumulating 15 years of extensive experience and professional expertise. As a leading RV TV manufacturer, we are committed to providing our clients with superior products and customized solutions.

Android POE Tablet PC for Smart Hotel

Why Choose Us?

  • Customized products: Customize RV TVs according to customer needs. RV TVs of various sizes, functions and installation methods can be provided to adapt to the design of different RVs and user preferences.
  • Professional design: With a professional design team, we take into account the special use environment and space limitations of RVs from the beginning of design, and provide RVs with TV solutions that meet aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Excellent performance: Optimized for RV usage scenarios to ensure the stability, durability and energy efficiency of TVs in mobile vehicles. They may use special materials and technologies to adapt to vibration and temperature changes during RV driving.
  • Quality assurance: With a strict quality control process to ensure the quality stability and reliability of each TV product. We conduct rigorous testing and certification to meet the requirements of the market and users.
  • After-sales service: Usually lifetime technical support, quick response to customer problems and needs, and guarantee the user experience.
  • Technological innovation: 15 years of continuous innovation in TV technology, introducing new technologies such as ultra-clear definition, smart functions, and energy-saving technologies to enhance the functionality and user experience of RV TVs.

Different appearance options

Android POE Tablet PC for Smart Hotel

Different RV TV options available

Android POE Tablet PC for Smart Hotel
Android POE Tablet PC for Smart Hotel
Android POE Tablet PC for Smart Hotel
Android POE Tablet PC for meeting room

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Benefit from popular RV TV solutions through the KONTECH Reseller Partner Program.


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