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Key advantages of Kontech POE tablet

Easy to install and manage: Customers can automatically and securely mix legacy and PoE devices on the network and coexist with existing Ethernet cables.

Easy management of network equipment: Because the PoE power supply device will only power the devices that need power. Ethernet cables only have voltage when connected to devices that require power, thus eliminating the risk of leakage on the line.

Cost saving: PoE power supply end equipment only needs to install one cable to solve the power supply problem, which solves the deployment problem of being unable to install and deploy in places without AC power supply. As the number of devices connected to Ethernet increases, eliminating the need to provide local power to the devices significantly reduces deployment costs and simplifies their manageability.

Of course, in addition to the POE function, Kontech also provides one-stop customized solutions for POE tablet/POE digital signage of different sizes. You can choose cloud-based content management or use a plug-and-play player for management, which can be quickly and easily set up and used. Flexible and easy to use, using the most advanced Android technology, it can be used for targeted advertising in retail stores, commercial enterprises, school campuses, or corporate and hotel lobbies, conference room signs, etc.

In addition, it is also equipped with a full HD LCD panel with integrated 10-point touch technology. , also includes a media player with 4GB of memory and integrated speakers that supports video, photo and music playback from a USB hard drive or SD/SDHC memory card, allowing you to easily interact with the device.

POE (Power over Ethernet): It can simultaneously provide power and data transmission to powered devices that support POE through a network cable. The powered device mentioned here can be a wireless AP, an IP camera, or of course a tablet. These devices are interconnected with PoE switches to obtain power and transmit data


POE Touch Screen Customization

At KONTECH, we specialize in customizing POE Touch Screen of all sizes.KONTECH provides excellent ODM and OEM services for POE LCD display&monitor products according to customer needs or related projects. With 14 years of OEM/ODM experience, we have a complete set of one-stop customized solution process and first-class service to ensure your project needs are carried out quickly and flexibly.



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