Indoor Wall Mounted Digital Signage

Indoor wall mounted digital signage display utilizes top commercial grade LCD screen technology, 2k/4k HD picture quality, high brightness and high contrast, perfect for displaying in bright locations. Stylish exterior design, naturally blends in with the environment. Supporting Android, Windows or Linux operating system, Wall mount digital signage display is available in 5 different sizes, they can be widely used in indoor public places, hotels and restaurants, finance, education, healthcare, entertainment and other places etc.

Normal bezel wall mounted advertising display

Type of Indoor Wall Mounted digital signage

Main features of Indoor Wall Mounted digital signage display

  1. Outdoor high brightness display technology.
  2. Support optional infrared touch, capacitive touch, printer, NFC, camera, POE, etc. to meet the various needs of the market.
  3. Support 7*24 hours long time playback
  4. Compatible with mainstream audio, video and image formats
  5. FHD, 4K UHD resolution optional, LED light source technology, low power consumption
  6. 32”/43”/49”/55”/65”optional
  7. The metal casing is with good heat dissipation and surface is protected by super tempered explosion-proof glass
  8. Supports vertical or horizontal mounting.
Ultra bezel Wall Mounted Advertising Display

Indoor Wall Mounted Digital Signage Installation Tutorial

Detailed steps on how to install a wall mounted advertising signages to easily install your own Digital Signage Display.

Preparation tools
Electric drill: Holes need to be punched for installation
Wrenches and screwdrivers

Before installation, check whether the accessories of the LCD Digital Signage Display are complete, first connect the wall-mounted Digital Signage Display to the power cord, turn on the power to check whether the machine is intact, and check whether the screen has bright spots! Then you can do the installation according to below 5 steps:

  1. Open the package, take out the display and place it flat on a table or other safe location.
  2. Unscrew the screws under the open bezel with a tool and set it aside. Remove the wall mount on the back.、
  3. Drill holes in the wall with an electric drill and use a screwdriver to secure the wall hanging to the wall once it’s done.
  4. Secure the wall mounted display to the wall plate.
  5. Tighten the screws previously removed, lock the bezel and plug in the power supply.

Warm tips: the process of installing wall-mounted advertising machine need to be careful, moving the whole machine should be gently held and placed lightly, and should be prepared to lay a pad, the display surface should be up, to prevent scratches on the display.

Application Scenario

stores and restaurants Indoor Wall Mounted Advertising Display

Shops, Restaurants,

Indoor Wall Mounted Advertising Display can help store owners to display and promote the advantages and selling points of products more effectively, improve the image of the store, enhance the intelligence of the store, and effectively stimulate customers’ consumption desires.


Indoor Wall Mounted Digital Signage Display enables more accurate classification and labeling of daily groceries, clearer price lists, and more eye-catching promotional activities. At the same time, high-quality display content can increase the shopping atmosphere of the supermarket.

supermarkets Indoor Wall Mounted Advertising Display
hotel the Indoor Wall Mounted Advertising Display


With kontech’s interactive display which is optional at Android/PC base system, can easily help visitors to navigate the hospital. With smart searching and detection, visitors can find a destination and route based on their needs. Customers who prefer to use local software are fully supported by our expert team.


Indoor Wall Mounted Display can also be used to identify different reception windows, and explain the business scope and process of different windows, so as to facilitate customers to wait in line quickly for business.

bank the Indoor Wall Mounted Advertising Display

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