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C Type Curved Gaming and Casino Monitor

Smart Casino Curved Display Solutions

With the continuous progress of technology, curved LCD displays are becoming increasingly popular, and have been widely used in the fields of home, business, and office, especially in the gaming and casino industries.

KONTECH is a professional manufacturer and designer of curved LCD, a production factory for curved displays, providing a complete range of curved game and casino display products. In addition to C-curved J-curved and triple screen curved solutions, KONTECH also offers a series of features such as touch screens and illuminated LED borders, providing one-stop customized services for game halls, sports betting terminals, casinos, and self-service kiosk displays.

Kontech’s curved screen and triple screen adopt 4K ultra high definition display screens, which can present clearer and more delicate visual effects, allowing players to immerse themselves in impactful game scenes; The curved screen of the curved screen is designed according to the best viewing angle of the human eye, which is ergonomic; The three linked screens with split screen display are tightly integrated into a game console, which can independently play game content and have a higher adaptability to the game; The frame of the running horse colored light design has a strong sense of atmosphere and fashion, making the entire game console look more fashionable and luxurious.

Triple Curved Gaming and Casino Monitor

Types Of Curved Gaming And Casino Monitors

Product Overview

  • 4K Ultra High Definition
  • 178 ultra wide viewing angle
  • 10 point touch
  • LED adjustable atmosphere colored light
  • High performance PCB
  • Multiple interfaces including HDMI, VGA, USB, RS232
  • Multiple installation methods
  • More rich content can be customized
Triple Curved Gaming and Casino Monitor

Application Scenario

The entrance of the casino (Floor stand advertising machine)

It can be used as a welcome screen, and can also promote the casino and games to attract players to enter the venue.

Gaming area

Our C-type, J-type curved monitors and Open Frame monitors can be embedded or equipped on various slot machines/arcade machines/Jukeboxes

kontech gaming entertainment

(window display)

While customers are resting in the dining area, play the gameplay and publicity of new games, which can deepen players’ awareness of casinos and games and attract players.

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Curved Gaming And Casino Monitors videos

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All Curved Gaming and slot machine monitors from KONTECH offer a minimum 12 month warranty (with extended warranty upon request). Our Casino Screen&Curved Gaming Screen factory has years of experience in embedded gaming, casino, and sports gaming terminal applications, adding real value to our customers’ operations.

KONTECH offers a variety of durable, fast, smooth, and accurate touch and curved screens, including Infrared Touch Screen, Infrared Touch Screen, and open frame monitor. Simply send us a customized data sheet and we can quickly customize a satisfactory solution for you.


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