15 Inch Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor

KONTECH provides 15-inch open frame touch screen monitor commercial and industrial grade solutions, providing customers with reliable OEM and ODM, kontech open frame is designed for reliability from the beginning, provides excellent image clarity and light transmittance, and has Stable, drift-free operation for accurate touch response. , one of the key features of our industrial-grade open frame touchscreen monitor with an IP65 rating is its rugged design, which means it protects against dust, water and other harsh elements. This makes it an ideal display solution for a variety of industries, catering to needs ranging from self-service and gaming to business kiosk applications in industrial automation and healthcare.

  • AUO, LG, BOE A+ grade original industrial LED screen.
  • Running 24 hours a day,support OEM/ODM services
  • FHD Resolution
  • Easy integration & low maintenance
  • 16:9 Refresh rate 60Hz LCD panel
  • Excellent performance, accuracy & reliability

Kontech Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor Advantages

Flexibility for Your Install

Flexibility for Your Install

It can be installed horizontally, vertically, and facing up, providing convenience for installation in any information booth or cabinet design. Multiple installation solutions such as rear and VESA installation also allow users to choose the most suitable installation options for their applications. From any perspective, you can maintain the best viewing experience.

Low Power Consumption

This monitor has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that our product has the longest service life. After long-term use by many of our customers, feedback indicates that it can be used 24/7 in production facilities for a long time, making it the ultimate energy-saving solution.

Low Power Consumption
Outstanding Image Quality

Outstanding Image Quality

Most of our devices have excellent image quality of 2K/4K, with high-definition resolution, achieving extremely high levels of resolution, color accuracy, and contrast. The excellent visual enjoyment allows for a more vivid experience for both industrial and commercial applications

Perfect protection

The support structure design of the open display eliminates the need for a baffle, perfectly protecting electronic components. At the same time, VESA design enables the display to be quickly installed on devices such as ATMs, vending machines, casino displays, airport information displays, and mall information kiosks. Its open framework design also allows for easy installation and integration into your existing system.

Perfect protection

Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor From 10 to 43-inches

Product Application

Product Application

Industrial Field

In industrial automation, open frame touch monitors for text or graphics to realize information interaction between humans and machines, including industrial automation, machine vision, MES warehousing systems, robots and other equipment. There are also control systems in different industries. Open frame touch monitors are also widely used in the field, medical equipment, environmental protection monitoring, road and bridge control toll systems, communication guarantees, building monitoring and security, etc.

Commercial Field

At present, we also have a large number of open frame touch monitors that are widely used in commercial fields such as buildings, smart homes, outdoor advertising machines, city information management, and hospital information management due to mature touch monitor technology and high reliability.


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