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Kontech is a leading full-service provider of digital menu boards for restaurants including fast food restaurants, quick service restaurants (QSR), casual dining restaurants, tea chain franchises, coffee shops, bakeries, food trucks, ice cream shops, cafeterias, bars, supermarkets, and grocery stores all around the world.

Our digital restaurant menu display gives you the ability to get more sales by added value and cross-selling at the point of sale. Kontech’s LCD menu boards are the most efficient and flexible way to advertise to your customers. When an item or promotion sells out, simply edit the information on your digital menu – no more wasting paper, time, or money. Many of the restaurant industry’s biggest brands had switched to digital, will you follow this situation? Use below form if you have any requests for quotation, or contact us for more information!

Application Scenario

Entrance of Store (floor advertising display)

Entrance of Store (floor advertising display): discounts, special restaurants, industry promotion for spare information. It attracts customers to stop and watch by colorful dynamic playing, and facilitates potential consumers to make consumption decisions faster.

Order counter (desktop digital display)

Order counter (desktop digital display): Quickly display the digital menu to customers.

digital menu boards

Waiting area (digital menu board)

Supports automatic docking ordering data in platform, Kontech LCD large screen split screen displays call number, queuing information, to save time and effort, all in line with the requirements of modern catering environment

Ordering area (self- ordering display)

Easy to achieve ordering, bringing consumers a better dining experience by saving service time, and helps to save restaurants’ labor time of ordering, cashier, management and operation system.

Rest area (LCD Video Wall)

Brand posters and special products are displayed by video wall while customers having rests in the dining area, which can deeply enhance customers’ awareness of the brands. And the customers will absorb new information during the boring waiting time and will be impressed by the brand’s image.

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