How to solve the heating situation of outdoor advertising machine

In the process of using outdoor multimedia advertising machine, you will find outdoor multimedia advertising machine is very hot, in daily life, whether it is a cell phone or TV or refrigerator appliances for long-term use also have the problem of heat. It is a normal phenomenon that the outdoor multimedia advertising will be heat after a long time use, , but there is overheating (generally higher than 80 °) is not normal, how to solve the phenomenon of outdoor multimedia advertising machine heat?
outdoor multimedia advertising machine

1.Repair of hot parts of outdoor multimedia advertising machines
The main aspect of most outdoor multimedia advertisers that are hot is due to the malfunctioning of their internal heat dissipation equipment management, so you need to check and repair your outdoor multimedia advertisers on a regular basis in order to discover these problems and analyze the causes in a timely manner.

2.Outdoor multimedia advertising machine environment temperature control
Such places as hotels, supermarkets, high-speed rail stations and other places will place the outdoor multimedia advertising machine in the indoor environment, so you can control the indoor temperature of the outdoor multimedia advertising machine to dissipate the heat treatment, through the use of air-conditioning, fans, fans and so on to make the outdoor multimedia advertising machine’s indoor temperature environment to maintain in the appropriate range, through the control of the ambient temperature to effectively control the heating problem of the outdoor multimedia advertising machine. The second is to increase ventilation facilities: increase ventilation facilities around the advertising machine, such as air ducts or heat dissipation ventilators, which help to emit heat out.

Heat dissipation design

Heat dissipation design

3.Heat dissipation design
Check whether the heat dissipation design of the advertising machine is reasonable and whether there is any blockage or dust affecting heat dissipation. Air blowers or vacuum cleaners can be used to clean the heat dissipation holes and fans to ensure smooth air flow. Consider replacing materials with better heat dissipation performance, such as copper or aluminum, to enhance the heat dissipation efficiency.

4.Reduce the load
Reduce the load of the advertiser, for example, by reducing the screen brightness, turning off unnecessary functions and background programs. This will reduce the energy consumption and heat generation of the advertising machine.

Regularly check the hardware condition of the advertiser and keep it well cleaned and maintained. Make sure the fan and radiator are functioning properly.

6、Upgrade hardware
If the heat problem of the advertising machine is more serious, consider upgrading the hardware components, such as replacing more efficient processor, graphics card, etc., to improve the overall performance and heat dissipation performance.

If the above methods still can not solve the heating problem, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer of the advertising machine or after-sales service to seek professional technical support and solutions.