How to choose a satisfactory LCD advertising display

How to choose a satisfactory LCD advertising display has become a big problem. Some people think that the longer the LCD advertising display is used, the better. Others think that the brighter the screen, the better… I guess that’s what you’re thinking right now, isn’t it? If you feel the same way, then we are sorry to tell you that you have chosen a minefield!

  1. Firstly, blindly seeking HD, thinking that the higher the screen brightness, the better.The brighter the LCD advertising display screen, the better. The brightness of the screen is a superimposed effect, including contrast, viewing angle, viewing distance, the brightness of the surrounding environment, playback content, etc.. If you simply pursue high brightness, not necessarily achieve particularly good applications, but also may have a negative impact. For example, the higher the brightness of the screen, the more heat generated, the higher the power consumption. Not only the service life will be shortened, but maintenance costs will also to be increased. In addition, the high cost of the high-gloss product itself can significantly increase capital investment and is not in line with established economics. Also, in indoor applications, overly bright screens may cause eye discomfort, thus affecting the viewing experience.
    higher the screen brightness
  2. Secondly, blindly pursue the use of time, think the longer the use of time the better.When buying LCD advertising display, hope that the longer the better, but in the long run, this idea is not desirable. Because the longer the display is used, the higher the technical requirements will be, the higher the manufacturing costs will naturally be, and the more money the user has to invest. And LCD advertising display can support 24 hours of continuous playback, but if the high load operation, will also have a certain impact on the service life. In general, when the use time is too long, you should give the network advertising machine a normal rest time (such as setting a timer switch, you can turn off at night and open during the day to extend the service life of the LCD advertising display.
  3. Thirdly, the blind pursuit of a thinner body, thinking that the smaller the size, the better.Although the smaller LCD advertising display is more flexible to install, it puts higher requirements on thermal design. The increased technical threshold not only leads to increased costs, but also increases the potential risk of use. After all, LCD advertising display needs 7×24 hours continuous operation, once the heat dissipation problems, it may cause failure problems.

Based on these misconceptions, Kontech has provided some methods for selecting suitable outdoor LCD advertising displays

1、 Clarify the structural design of outdoor LCD advertising machines

The protection level of the whole device is required to meet IP65, and it also has professional cooling channels, convenient maintenance methods, and a solid anti-theft structure. The structure of the display adopts international common environmental protection steel, and the appearance is sprayed with high-quality outdoor powder, which has a durability of more than ten years. The precise shielding structure ensures that the radiation of the whole device meets the requirements of relevant international standards.

Structural design of outdoor LCD advertising display

2、 Customizing the brightness of outdoor LCD screens according to the environment

Outdoor LCD advertising display is a product used for outdoor, the first thing to meet is to have in the outdoor high-definition bright, waterproof and dust-proof LCD display, the brightness is basically 1500-2000cd/㎡, it is best to use LED backlight, long service life, Kontech selected LG commercial-grade A screen

3、 Choose a stable power supply

When choosing a high-definition outdoor LCD advertising display, in addition to selecting regular LCD industrial-grade A-screens, a good power supply is also very important. There are many uneven products on the market due to the imperfect market system. The LCD advertising displays produced by regular manufacturers have guaranteed after-sales service, and Kontech’s general outdoor LCD advertising displays can last for 5-10 years, or even longer.

4、 Consider the heat dissipation of LCD advertising display

In the outdoors, we have to face the test of four seasons, the heat in summer and the severe cold in winter, which put forward requirements for the cooling solution of outdoor LCD advertising displays. Therefore, when we purchase outdoor LCD advertising displays, we must focus on understanding How does the manufacturer solve the heat dissipation. It can be checked whether its heat dissipation is done through calculation, and secondly, whether it has heat dissipation and solar radiation testing equipment. These factors have a great impact on your product quality.

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