What are the installation methods of outdoor LCD advertising machine

Due to the environmental factors of outdoor applications, the HD outdoor advertising display housing needs to achieve an outdoor protection level of IP65, waterproof, dust proof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, explosion-proof, and also needs to meet the heat dissipation function to ensure that the machine runs 24 hours a day. The outdoor environment not only has high requirements on the quality of the LCD display, but also affects the installation of the LCD display, and the installation method will vary depending on the outdoor location. So what are the installation methods of the high-definition outdoor advertising display? Simply speaking, the LCD display of the high-definition outdoor advertising display is mainly divided into the following installation methods: wall-mounted, built-in, front maintenance, step type, column type, etc.

  1. Hanging type: Wall-mounted type generally makes a stress point on the wall, hangs the outdoor LCD display on the wall, and usesthe wall as a fixed support.
  2. Embedded installation: Generally, a steel structure is installed on the wall, and then the LCD display screen of the high-definition outdoor advertising displayis embedded with the steel structure as the support. The main installation site is the outer wall of the building.
  3. Maintenance type: The biggest feature of the installation method is maintenance. It is very convenient to replace accessories. The maintenance personnel can directly open the screen from the front of the outdoor LCD screen for operation.
  4. Step type: It is mainly to install a two-color LCD display or a full-color LCD display on the facade of the steps. The observation distance is generally 2-3 meters away to have a better effect. All the stair facades are connected, and when the video is played, it will present a very beautiful display effect.
  5. Column type: Since there are no walls or available support points around, the installation method of column type outdoor LCD display has higher requirements on steel structure and is the most common installation method. For example, most of the outdoor advertising LCD screens next to the highway are column-mounted. The display screen is hung on the structure, which is generally used on the stage and outdoors without wall support. In the case of temporary use of outdoor LCD displays, the hoisting method has obvious advantages.

Advantages of outdoor LCD advertising display

The outdoor advertising display has nothing to do with the weather and can display your information outdoors, bringing good visual and auditory enjoyment to the outdoor information dissemination. It can be widely used in outdoor advertising broadcasting, outdoor public information release, outdoor media communication, touch interactive query and other fields.

As an outdoor commercial display device, the outdoor advertising display can withstand high temperature exposure, and can run stably at low temperature. It always maintains high-definition, high-brightness and bright colors, and guarantees all-weather and all-time display and promotion effects. It can provide stable information content dissemination for advertisers.

The outdoor advertising display itself has a smart touch function, which can perform information display and interaction according to the user’s choice, improve the efficiency of information output and the accuracy of communication, and provide more diversified communication methods. The outdoor advertising display can be connected and controlled through the Internet. In the connected state, the display content can be controlled at any time to complete the real-time replacement of the broadcast content. In this way, the flexibility of content display is improved, and the dissemination content can be displayed in front of people more quickly, which solves the lagging defect of public information dissemination, ensures the efficient and stable dissemination of content, and thus maximizes the value of information.

The outdoor advertising display can work 24 hours a day without interruption. It is a persistent and all-weather communication media with rich display content and easy replacement. The outdoor advertising display can make its own programs, play them instantly, and have rich content. At the same time, the broadcast content is not limited to advertisements, and there are also programs including special topics, columns, variety shows, animations, etc. You only need to edit the programs, and no other investment is required, saving costs.