Open frame industrial Monitors common problems and solutions

Monitor common problems and solutions

  1. In the application of industrial control display, the screen is suddenly black; first check whether the host is still working normally, it is best to connect a vga monitor, so that it can be judged whether the problem is the host or the LCD screen or its supporting driver board.
  2. Sudden crash in the application of industrial control display; first connect the keyboard or mouse to see if it can be operated, or restart it to see if it works normally. If it is normal after restarting, it may be that the software operating system needs to be updated, otherwise it may be the motherboard question.
  3. The Open frame industrial monitor cannot be started after it is shut down; it should be left for a while and then restarted. If it cannot be started, it is necessary to turn on the industrial monitor, remove the BIOS battery and short-circuit the corresponding part of the motherboard, and then connect the battery after a minute or two. It should be fine. Otherwise, repair the motherboard.

Screen common problems and solutions

  1. The color cast  faults of Open frame industrial monitors are usually adjusted through the maintenance adjustment mode. Problems such as blurred or white screens are mainly due to problems with the drive voltage of Open frame industrial monitors. If the drive circuit of open frame industrial monitors is on the motherboard, then it should be the failure of the motherboard. If the drive circuit of Open frame industrial monitors is on the LCD screen, the display screen should be replaced in this case, and the risk of repair is high.
  2. Other relatively rare fault interference: Under different working modes, Open frame industrial monitors may also have some interference, but most of them are normal phenomena, including some caused by voltage instability. Because of the special production process of Open frame industrial monitors, the problems detected in the standard working mode can only be identified as faults.
  3. The Open frame industrial monitors turn on and off, but the power indicator is always on. This kind of problem is mostly caused by abnormal high voltage, which belongs to circuit protection action. In this case, there is usually a display on the LCD screen, and the way to see it is to squint. The main point of overhaul is the comparative repair method. Because the design of the high-voltage board of Open frame industrial monitors is generally symmetrical, it is difficult for both sides to be damaged at the same time.
  4. Open frame industrial monitors without power is a simple fault. Generally, there are two types of power supplies for open frame industrial monitors: internal power supply and external power supply. The external power supply is more common. No matter what kind of power supply it is, its structure is much simpler than that of a CRT display, and the vulnerable parts are some small components, such as fuses, input inductors, switching tubes, Zener diodes, etc. The relatively rare fault is that the power supply does not start caused by the CPU of the main board. In fact, the principle of this situation is also very simple, that is, through the key control board to the CPU, and then output a control signal through the CPU to drive the power supply and change the work of the integrated circuit.