What kind of protection is needed for outdoor LCD advertising machines

Outdoor LCD advertising signage is mainly used in outdoor information publicity, advertising display and other functions, it is an important communication equipment for advertising media. As the outdoor LCD advertising display which is applied in the outdoor , that need to adapt to different weather, season, regional environment, etc., and now more rain in the south, so that the requirements for waterproof effect of outdoor LCD advertising display are much higher, it must meet the complete waterproof and moisture-proof function, otherwise it will be useless in the outdoor, What kind of protection is needed for outdoor LCD advertising machines , we can analysis from three aspects of dust-proof waterproof Anti-corrosion:

1.Outdoor LCD screen advertisingsignage dust-proof analysis

To better dust-proof, a labyrinth structure and dust filter will be used in the air intake and outtake, filtering dust in the air, and prevent mosquitoes and other insects from entering the signage inside, just to achieve the purpose of dustproof and waterproof, so that not only to avoid water vapor, rain and dew penetrate into the screen body, but also the outdoor LCD advertising signage of the overall waterproof function to enhance to a certain level.

2.Waterproof analysis of outdoor LCD advertising signage

To achieve good waterproof performance of outdoor LCD advertising signage, the important point is that the sealing should be good. Take the outdoor LCD advertising signage as an example, the internal use of high-quality automotive adhesive tape, coupled with waterproof glass adhesive, shell structure design waterproof groove, open the door to install rubber seals to achieve the purpose of waterproof. The overall waterproof performance of the product reaches IP55/IP65, which is more stable and reliable when used outdoors.

3.Outdoor LCD screen advertising machine anti-corrosion analysis

According to the R & D engineer’s understanding of the advertising signage R & D and project landing experience, the use of stainless steel to do the waterproof plate, not only poor adhesion, making the waterproof performance is more superior, but also to prevent the excreta of birds to stay and corrosion of the surface of the box, greatly enhancing the service life of the box. As can be seen, always in the use of new materials continue to evolve, and actively explore more suitable for outdoor use of the conditions, more targeted to the full range of product upgrades.

Finally, the LCD screen body and the advertising display shell need to be installed at the combination of sealing strips or apply sealant. Do the above process, in order to really achieve the effect of waterproof and dust-proof, to ensure the normal operation of outdoor LCD advertising machine. In the outdoor environment is relatively harsh, it is quite important for outdoor LCD advertising signage waterproof moisture.