What is the use of indoor high brightness digital signage?


What is the use of indoor high brightness digital signage? Enabling Many Application Places, Assisting New Retail


With the rapid development of technology and the endless emergence of intelligent products, high brightness digital signage has gradually become an indispensable product in the shopping scene. It has very high quality display function, merchants can customize digital signage according to their needs, to help merchants better display product features, improve visibility and interaction.


 What is high brightness digital signage


High brightness digital signage is a kind of display device with both content display ability and strong visual appeal, which can perfectly present the contents of pictures, videos, prompt slogans and maps through advanced background management system. It can effectively improve the cognition of consumers on the current application place, consumers can quickly find the product and service information they need.


Application scene of indoor high brightness digital signage


Indoor high brightness digital signage are mainly used in indoor commercial scenes, used to display commodity information and prices, especially for stores, restaurants, hotels and other places, can meet the consumer’s quick query of products and prices; In addition, indoor high brightness digital signage can also be used for indoor scenes in public places, such as banks, scenic spots, parks, government centers, exhibition halls, conference rooms and other places, can help people more clearly access to service and business information.


The main role of indoor high brightness digital signage

Indoor high brightness digital signage brings us a lot of convenience, it has different applicability in different places.


1.In stores and restaurants, digital signage can help store owners more effectively display and publicize the advantages and selling points of commodity, improve the image of the store, enhance the intelligence of the store, and effectively stimulate the consumer desire of customers.


2.In supermarkets, digital signage makes groceries more accurately classified, price lists more clear, promotional activities more eye-catching, and quality display content can increase the shopping atmosphere of the supermarket.


3.In hotels, digital signage can guide guests to quickly understand the price of the room, free choice of desirable room type, effectively improve the quality of the hotel, reduce labor costs, promote consumption.


4.In banks, high brightness digital signage can be used to identify the different processing Windows, and explain the business scope and process of the different Windows, so that customers can quickly queue for business.


5.In scenic spots and parks, high brightness digital signage can be used to represent the characteristics of different scenic spots, helping tourists quickly view the introduction of scenic spots, scenic facilities content, and quickly locate the location of scenic spots.


6.In government centers, high brightness digital signage can be used to identify each business window, so that people can more quickly locate the business they want to handle.


7.In exhibitions and conference rooms, high brightness digital signage can be used to play exhibition videos and conference announcements, so as to help visitors quickly obtain relevant information and improve the efficiency of visits and meetings.


Indoor high brightness digital signage can not only meet the display function, but also provide consumers with more information, and for merchants, indoor high brightness digital signage make the display of goods and services more visualization, can not only improve the visibility of goods and services, but also improve consumers’ purchase intention and satisfaction, to achieve the goal of improving business income.


Kontech Indoor high brightness Digital Signage

Kontech high brightness digital signage use LED backlight, the brightness can reach 2000nits, can be customized brightness according to the application scene needs, to meet the requirements of different environments, make the display content is more clearer. At the same time, Kontech indoor high brightness digital signage in fire, moisture, dust and corrosion also provides better protection, and has high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and other characteristics, even in harsh environment can also maintain a long service life.


Kontech indoor high brightness digital signage customize for your shop. At present, we installed in nearly 10,000 high-end milk tea stores nationwide, such as “书亦烧仙草” and “茶百道”