What is a digital menu board and what are its application value?


What is a digital menu board? digital menu boards are mainly used to order meals in food, restaurants, coffee shops, milk tea shops, cake shops and other places, especially for chain catering brands. The content unit of the digital menu board is a dynamic poster, and the types of templates in the template library include price list, single product recommendation, special offer, menu and so on. Using digital menu board, It can be display food information with animation effects on the screen, which can not only help customers order food, but also greatly improve the decoration level of the restaurant. For catering chain brands, the headquarters can even manage the screen content of all stores in a unified manner, so as to conduct unified marketing in a convenient and fast manner.


So what is the application value of digital menu board?

1. Dynamic effects help customers choose high-profit items
The presentation content is dynamic layered content, attracting customers to pay attention to dynamic elements, and helping customers to click and recommend products.
2. Massive festival templates + festival effects, quickly launch festival marketing
Massive festival templates, master-level posters can be designed in 3 steps, and promotional activities can be launched on the entire network within a few minutes, providing various full-screen effects and dynamic festival GIF elements, quickly adding a festive atmosphere to the restaurant.
3. Unified management of the chain to ensure the unity of brand image and marketing strategy
The headquarters manages all screens and content in a unified manner, and transmits them according to the network to ensure that the food information/price/promotional activities of each store are all consistent.
4.Apply together with the small screen to create a more distinctive presentation form


Besides, Kontech digital menu board can realize multi-screen splicing display, creating a shocking visual impact and improving the decoration level of the restaurant.