How to plan the content to make the LCD advertising display more efficient?

The key to the efficient application of LCD advertising display is the planning of its content, such as its installation location and the frequency of content updates. Only in the process of constantly changing applications can help user determine the most suitable display content and technical design. Therefore, it is necessary to plan the content and select hardware devices according to the content  before building the LCD advertising display system. This will not only shorten the installation time, but also effectively control the cost and avoid the waste of resources.  let’s take a look at the four content plans of the LCD advertising display recommended by Kontech

First: Determine your goals

This is the first prerequisite for creating an LCD advertising display. The goal of the enterprise is part of the overall marketing strategy. As a marketing tool, the ultimate goal of the LCD advertising display is to help users achieve the established sales performance. Generally speaking, the main functions of LCD advertising display fall into three categories: improving operational efficiency, quotation management, such as conducting corresponding promotions. customer engagement, which aims to help users connect with customers more effectively. Depending on the focus of the target, the enterprise will also be different in content planning and hardware selection.

plans of the LCD advertising display recommended by Kontech

Second: Determine your audience

After the enterprise has a goal, the next step is to determine the audience. For the audience, we can start from two aspects: understand the basic situation of the audience, such as age, income, cultural education level, etc. which can affect the content planning and equipment selection of the LCD advertising display,understand the customer’s purchase channel.

Determine your audience

Third: determine the timing

The so-called timing includes many aspects of digital marketing, such as the length of content, the playing time of information and the frequency of updates. Among them, the length of the content should be determined according to the audience stay time, the playing time of the information should be adjusted in real time according to the actual situation while considering the user’s buying habits, the update frequency will depend on the user’s goals and audience.

Fourth: Determine the standard of measurement

There are two very important reasons for measurement. One is to demonstrate results and ensure continuous capital investment, the other is to help itself understand which content resonates with customers and which content needs to be refined in order to make strategic adjustments. Depending on the objective, user measurements can be quantitative.