High Brightness window advertising screen

kontech High Brightness window advertising screen which is installed around the world, it is a proven solution for outward-facing window displays that are readable in direct sunlight.

With a brightness rating of up to 3,500 nits, the Kontech high brightness window advertising screen delivers bright, eye-catching content even in sunlight, and the 4K resolution provides a sharper, more lifelike display to help bring potential customers past the window into your store.

What kind of High Brightness window advertising screen do you want to customize?

  • Our High Brightness window advertising screens range in size from 43 inches to 75 inches and are available in a variety of mounting options (hanging, wall-mounted, freestanding, splice screen) for 24/7 operation.
  • Store sunlight readable window advertising screen supports a variety of control methods. It can realize wireless control, network cable connection, PC control, cloud remote control, USB playback, cell phone casting screen playback and so on. We also accept different brightness customization.
  • All Kontech High Brightness LCD displays are guaranteed to show no more than a 10% drop in brightness and color after 5 years of continuous use.

Will high brightness cause the screen to overheat?

Because of the independently developed an intelligent fan heat management system, you don’t need to worry about the machine overheating even if the brightness is high. An ultra-quiet fan dissipates heat generated by the display from the hot zone, while sensors continuously monitor the internal temperature to prevent the system from overheating. Aluminum alloy housing design makes the overall heat dissipation performance much better than other metal housings, and some models have a fanless cooling system.

High Brightness window advertising screen Solutions:

  1. Company: Showroom & Lobby
  2. Retail Chainstores: Mainly for gas stations, shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants etc.
  3. Theme parks: mainly for various types of movieand entertainment theme parks.
  4. Transportation industry: subways, airports, train stations, etc.
High Brightness window advertising screen

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