What makes an outdoor TV different?

What makes an outdoor TV different?

What Makes Outdoor TV Different? What makes it resistant to direct sunlight, waterproof and dustproof, and resistant to temperature differences and corrosion? The Outdoor TVs can do so many things that ordinary TVs can’t do, we list some of the unique features of outdoor TVs below:

High brightness display anti-sun reflection
In daily life, the screen of any electronic device cannot achieve the best display effect under the sun, but the outdoor TV has been treated with anti-reflection technology to minimize this effect. At present, most outdoor TV brands provide high-brightness full-sunshine series products, which can adapt to direct sunlight and provide a clear picture display. Among the many mainstream products, Samsung’s “The Terrace” series can provide up to 2000+nits, followed by Sylvox’s 1500nits.

Sun protection
One of the biggest challenges facing outdoor TVs is whether they can work properly in the sun. Although most household appliances can be used in an environment with a temperature difference of -20°C to 50°C, this does not mean that they will not cause damage. In response to this situation, outdoor TVs protect themselves in an all-around way, from metal shock-resistant casings to internal anti-rust coatings, to circuit heat-resistant processes, and powerful heat dissipation treatments, so that outdoor TVs can stay in the hot sun for a long time. normal operation without worrying about the short service life.

Play worry-free on rainy days
Another stark question is what happens to appliances when they encounter water. Ordinary household appliances cannot touch water, which will bring serious consequences, not rain, ice, snow, or humid environments. But outdoor TVs are different. Outdoor TVs are usually treated with special waterproofing, pass the waterproof rating, and set power-off protection, which allows them to be played normally in humid environments. Some outdoor TVs with strong waterproof functions can even play worry-free in heavy rain.

How to buy the best outdoor TV?
When buying an outdoor TV, you may not be able to think about it as a normal TV. Of course, the display effect and beautiful appearance are still very important factors, but another important factor is that you need to consider where you will use it. Consider The light intensity of this place, the amount of rain, how to install it, etc., so that it is more appropriate to choose the most suitable outdoor TV. We have some buying advice for you:

  • Resolution: As a TV, it is first used for viewing. If the resolution is not good, no matter how good the outdoor ability is, it will not be enough to impress people. So we recommend choosing the 4K outdoor TV with the best display.


  • Size: The price difference of different sizes of outdoor TVs is relatively large because the complex process leads to high prices for large-screen outdoor TVs. You need to comprehensively consider the distance where the TV is placed, the viewing range, and whether it is easy to install. And because of the need for a metal case to provide protection, a larger outdoor TV also means it has a heavier weight, so you need to consider that too.


  • Port selection: You need to understand the various interfaces of the TV in order to confirm whether this TV can meet your life needs. Whether it’s HDMI for media players and game consoles, or Wi-Fi or Ethernet for smart features, it’s important to have an outdoor TV that will enrich your outdoor entertainment.


  • Smart function: Unlike traditional TV, which can only watch fixed TV programs, smart TV provides online functions and APP support. You can do more operations on the TV, such as downloading your favorite APP, watching online programs, etc. We strongly recommend that you choose a smart outdoor TV instead of an iron box that can only be changed.


  • Speakers: Many outdoor TVs are not equipped with built-in speakers, but require an external Bluetooth speaker. Built-in speakers are obviously the better choice, depending on technical difficulty and production costs. If you don’t like to buy an extra accessory, it is recommended that you choose an outdoor TV with built-in speakers.


  • Installation: Outdoor TV installation is more complicated than normal TV installation, especially if you want to install it near a swimming pool or bathtub, or hang it near fireplaces and barbecues. You also need to consider how the external speakers and other equipment are connected, and how the cables are routed. It is recommended to consult the professional customer service personnel of this product.

Where to buy an outdoor TV?
Most good outdoor TVs are hard to come by in local stores and may need to be purchased online. If you have determined your favorite outdoor TV brand, you can go to the brand’s official website to buy it; if you don’t know which brand is best for you, you can also search on shopping sites such as Amazon. Compare and choose an outdoor TV that suits you best.